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Colombian expert in energy infrastructures, with international experience in renewable energies

TECHNOELITE GREEN ENERGY SAS (Technoelite) is a company created through DESARROLLOS Y PROYECTOS INVERSIONES SAS, a Colombian company that thanks to its subsidiaries has the experience to promote new business, mainly the transnational investment of capital in productive projects, consulting and development of electric power generation projects, consultancy and construction of infrastructure projects at the industrial and public services levels considering the installation of electricity distribution networks, street lighting and environmental sanitation systems, and EOSOL ENERGY SL (EOSOL), a accredited promoter of energy generation projects with extensive experience and capacity to carry out renewable energy EPC projects, with more than 2600MW installed worldwide.


TECHNOELITE GREEN ENERGY SAS is a company that designs, structures, constructs, maintains and operates projects for the generation of energy based on non-conventional renewable sources under strict processes that guarantee optimal results and studies and implementation of these under the idea of reaching an energy efficiency for its customers .

TECHNOELITE is aware that its greatest strength is human capital and knowledge, so it supports the learning processes of its employees and tends to improve educational processes through the study of new technologies and their efficiency in the productive sector, the transfer of technology and experiences to the groups of students of the academy at different levels, thus achieving the improvement of the working environment and personal of third parties


By the year 2021 TECHNOELITE GREEN ENERGY SAS , it will be recognized as an efficient company in its processes, as well as for its high level of professionalism in the generation of electrical energy based on non-conventional renewable sources implemented, designed, structured, built or operated and maintained, as well as in the area of energy efficiency and extensive work in the educational aspect with the greatest impact all carried out in a work environment widely recognized for its human resources.

The partners of TECHNOELITE GREEN ENERGY SAS They have actively participated in the promotion, engineering, financing and construction of different projects during the last six years, mainly in the regions of Andalusia, Extremadura, Murcia and Castilla La Mancha. Likewise, the partners have participated in the development of renewable plants in countries as diverse as Mexico, the US and France.

As an example, the partners of Eosol Energy S.L. They have contributed to the promotion, engineering and development of more than 280 MW of wind power, more than 100 MW of photovoltaic energy and around 200 MW of solar thermal energy.

Below are the regions in which the TECHNOELITE GREEN ENERGY SAS team has built different projects:

  • Structuring: Due Diligences, financing, contract management, consulting, insurance.
  • Co-investment: Investment with long-term institutional investors
  • Construction: Negotiation of contracts, monitoring, control, audits, tests, reports.
  •  Operation: Close monitoring 24 hours, presenting detailed reports and managing the incidents until their resolution
Huerto Provincia Potencia Tecnología Estado
Argilas Gironde 12 MW Fotovoltaica-fija En explotación
Beconnais Landes 12 MW Fotovoltaica-fija En explotación
Bilot Landes 8,2 MW Fotovoltaica-fija En explotación
Els Energy Gironde 2,1 MW Fotovoltaica-fija En explotación
Fontenet Solarphoton Charentes Maritimes 12 MW Fotovoltaica-fija En explotación
La Trivale Tarn 6,4 MW Fotovoltaica-fija En explotación
Laseosol Gironde 0,25 MW Fotovoltaica-fija En explotación
Le Petit Chataignier Charentes Maritimes 5,1 Fotovoltaica-fija En explotación
Les Sablières Aquitanie 0,23 MW Fotovoltaica-fija En explotación
Lucet Landes 11 MW Fotovoltaica-fija En explotación
New Solar Charentes Maritimes 11 MW Fotovoltaica-fija En explotación
Perchigat Landes 12 MW Fotovoltaica-fija En explotación
Pinteseque Landes 10 MW Fotovoltaica-fija En explotación
Solandes Aquitanie 8 MW Fotovoltaica-fija En construcción
Sylva Gironde 7,2 MW Fotovoltaica-fija En explotación
Genetouze Poitou-Charentes 5 MW Fotovoltaica-fija En construcción
Valance Solarphoton Gers 9 MW Fotovoltaica-fija En explotación
Huerto Provincia Potencia Tecnología Estado
DAGU Guadalaraja 0.75 MW Fotovoltaica-tejado En explotación
Helios III Córdoba 1,8 MW Fotovoltaica-seguidores En explotación
Helios II Córdoba 7,5 MW Fotovoltaica-seguidores En explotación
Matillas Guadalajara 1 MW Fotovoltaica-seguidores En explotación
Chrylser Valle de Derramadero 0,35 MW Fotovoltaica-fija En explotación
Tai-i Durango 16,8 MW Fotovoltaica-fija En explotación
Tocopilla Tocopilla 192 MW FV  FIJA y SEGUIDORES En financiación
Radiance Lancaster 4 MW Fotovoltaica-fija En explotación
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